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   Developing the player
                         and the person


​    Q: How many practices can we expect per week? And where?
    A: U8-U18 can expect 1 team practice per week. Teams may have additional practices, but this is left to the discretion of the coaches,         players, and parents to arrange. Practices will be held in school gyms in southwest area as allocated to us by EMSA.

    Q: When will my child have Technical Training? Where?
    A: All teams can expect 10-12 Tech Training (TT) sessions per season. TT sessions will be arranged around the Edmonton area in         suitable indoor gyms, such as the Commonwealth Stadium, Butterdome at the University of Alberta, Kinsmen, etc.

    Q: Do I also have to pay for tournaments?
    A: Sting fees include up to 2 tournaments per team per season. However, many teams choose to enter additional tournaments and split 
         the fees amongst the players/parents.

    Q: I would like to volunteer, how do I find opportunities to do so? 
     the season throughout addition, you will likely receive additional emails In website. All volunteer opportunities will be posted on    the       
    A: asking for help as events are coordinated. Please note that the volunteer expectation is the equivalent to about 4 hours (unless it is    
         stated otherwise for the volunteer job you are doing).

    Q: What can my child expect for gear?
    A: Sting provides all players with: 2 Player Game Jerseys (which are returned at the end of the season). Players are also given: Game         shorts, a practice T-shirt, and a pair of socks, which the player is to keep at the end of the season.

Alberta Soccer Association
SW Sting and SWEMSA encourages all players and families to support local soccer teams. For Edmonton that team is FC Edmonton. Tom Fath is a great person who loves and supports football all across this region. Giving back to the community is what FC Edmonton does like this visit from Tomi Ameobi to a SW Sting techincal session at Kinsmen.Thanks to Antony Bent for getting this done.